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Manufacturing Engineering Research Group. GEF

Faculty of Industrial Engineering

University of Vigo


Research fields

  • Quality systems, dimensional metrology, analysis and study of surface finish.
  • Product, processes and tools design engineering in a manufacturing environment.
  • Efficiency of industrial processes: analysis of  lay-out and optimization of process.
  • Casting Manufacturing Technology. Near Net Shape Casting.
  • Analysis  of  plastic injection processes.
  • Study of cutting conditions and tools for  machining : turning and  milling.   
  • CADCAM systems implementation and adaptation. CAM programming for machine-tools CNC.
  •  Aditive Manufacturing  development using ABS fused deposition. Rapid tooling technologies.
  • Training: Provision of courses on Design and Manufacturing. Catia V5 and Siemens NX.





Equipment and facilities


·       20 Cadcam systems.
·       CATIA v5 educative licences.
·       Delmia educative licenses
·       SIEMENS  NX educative licences.
·       Mountains Map
·       Powermill
·      Flow 3D (casting) 

Advanced manufacturing workshop

·       Anayak machining centre .
·       1 CMZ Lathe, with Fagor 8050 numerical control.
·       A  Stratasys  Dimension BST 768 Rapid Prototyping Machine (FDM).
·       1 ENGEL "Victory" Injection moulding machine.
Dimensional Metrology Laboratory

·       Romer measuring arm with laser scanner
·       Taylor Hobson Roughmeter
·       Trimek,  coordinate measuring machine.
·       Camera Cognex and Visual Measuring Software.
·       Tribometer Microtest pin on disk.  
Optical Microscope NIKON SMZ 800 . 
·      Different metrologic instrumentation.
Mechanical workshop

·       2 smelting furnaces (1200ª C).
·       1 ONA die sinking electrical discharge machining.
·       4 ooths with SMAW, TIG, MIG, MAG.
·       Manual plasma cutting equipment.
·       Universal lathe and milling head.


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Dr. Maria Inmaculada Fenollera

Dr. Teresa Prado Cerqueira

Dr. Itziar  Goicoechea

Dr. José Antonio Pérez García,

Dr. Alejandro Pereira Domínguez

David Queimaño Piñeiro


GEF - Engineering  and  Manufacturing Group

Faculty Mechanical Engineering  -

Campus Lagoas Marcosende. University of Vigo. 

36210 Vigo  - SPAIN

Tlf:  ++34 615 595151; ++34 986 813648